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October 07, 2010



[i think i accidentally deleted my previous comment]

Thanks for sharing this, Mike.

I see it a little differently. To continue the baseball analogy, I think we've got a team of scrubs that's been a reliable loser for the last eight seasons.

We're finally in the playoffs, but we're outgunned. The other side has freaking steroid monsters and incredibly higher team salaries.

The President is the only guy on our team that's scoring runs. The rest of us are pointing fingers at each other, whining, and have lost the commitment to win.

The President's not saying, "See this home run? Celebrate me." He's saying, "You asshats. It's only the first half -- maybe even the first quarter -- of the game. Don't get upset with me because I'm not knocking it out of the park every time I'm up to bat. Sometimes you just have to settle for less to win the game. Either way, I can't do it alone. GET IT TOGETHER and play like a team. It's much, MUCH too early to walk away."


Observations and (some) opinions:

1) A home run is not worth a whole lot if you mortgaged your country away to China just to build the stadium.

2) Americans are understandably upset about the lack of jobs in this country. People want to work but all the jobs went to where workers don't expect to get paid enough to buy McMansions, Ford Expeditions, and iPods.

3) Unfortunately, you cannot legislate away the structural problems with the cost of doing business in America (in fact, legislation has only increased the cost of doing business in America).

4) Average unemployment benefit in California state per week = $299

5) Average weekly wage of a worker in Guangdong, China = $105

6) Market economies operate most efficiently when all the constituent inputs/resources which drive those economies are allowed to flow to where they are needed. The global political/economic system allows two major components to flow freely: goods and capital. Not allowed to move freely are laborers. If labor were in fact allowed to move (more) freely, there would be a much less dramatic imbalance of job growth/availability around the world.

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